providing children with a

calm, safe, secure environment


providing children with a

nurturing environment


providing children with a

stimulating environment


providing children with a

physically active environment


A calm, safe and secure environment

Building confidence, self-worth, resilience and aspiration

Calder Lodge school provides children with a calm, safe, secure physical and psychological environment. Highly experienced staff ensure that pupil’s negative behaviours and mindset are confronted in a non-confrontational way. Personal responsibility is placed at the forefront of behavioural change, supporting children’s ownership of themselves and their actions. Using strong boundaries and modelling social norms, children are given space to grow. By building confidence, self-worth, resilience and aspiration, we help furnish children with the skill set to engage with academic and social learning for life.

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Hello and welcome to Calder Lodge School.

Here you will find wonderfully unique children who have a range of needs including SEMH, ASD and all associated needs. Our vastly experienced staff base provides consistency and safe boundaries in which pupils feel settled, allowing them to be children. A rural backdrop and expansive varied curriculum helps pupils understand the social expectations of life but more importantly themselves. Pupils thrive in the calm and ordered operations of the school. High expectation and belief in the pupils allows them to believe in themselves, increasing engagement with learning across the academic and social spectrum.

Kelly Farnworth – Headteacher

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Finding Nemo….

As part of our coastline topic we paid a visit to Blackpool Sea Life Centre as part of our Cultural Capital experience. Children enjoyed looking at all the fish and…

Oakenclough class at the Trim trail.

Oakenclough Class enjoyed a trip to a local trim trail where they were able to put their endurance to the test. They were able to develop their understanding of the importance…

Norman conquest at Beacon fell

We visited Beacon Fell to participate in some longer distance walking and a game of capture the flag. We chose these activities because the Normans had to walk long distances…

Tapestry and Castle visit 

Bleasdale class went on an education visit to look at some examples of Tapestry and for a walk around Kendal Castle. Completing these 2 activities creates a strong link to…

Archery and 1066

21.05.24 We went to visit an outdoor education facility called Waddicar to participate in archery. In class we have been looking and learning about some of the weapons used in…

Epic quest at a rainy Hoghton bottoms

A fun quest was put forward to the pupils to fulfil at a wet Hoghton botttoms this included: Missions Tick when completed Walk passed the waterfall and find the magical…

River studies at Scorton picnic site

Fairsnape class enjoyed a successful trip to the Scorton Picnic Site along the river. The students had a fantastic day filled with exploration and learning. Highlights included a guided nature…

Nicky Nook class head to Cleveleys beach.

In our topic lessons we have been learning all about the Coastlines of the UK and have explored human and physical geography. On our trip to Cleveleys Beach we observed…

Mission to outer space!

Oakenclough class enjoyed a trip to Longridge Observatories where they were able to go on a mission to outer space. The children were able to witness the observatory open up…

Adventure swim

On Monday 25th March we visited Ribby Hall to use their swimming facilities. On the way there all the students were in good spirits, as some of them sang songs…

Muck, Mess and Mixture

Potters Barn Cafe. During our last Spring Cultural Capital trip children were able to show their artistic side! At Potters Barn Cafe children were given the opportunity to choose their…

Pupils in a Calder class having fun with Literacy.

Pupils enjoying collaborative literacy work.

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