Parlick Class here to save the day.

Parlick class went to Catterall park as part of our memorable experience for our new topic, ‘Superheroes.’ The children dressed up into their favourite superheroes and then played with each other on the park.

Before our trip out we discussed with the class who our favourite superheroes were and what superpowers we liked. We then used our imaginations to pretend we were our favourite hero and we used our superpowers to play nicely with each other.

Fairsnape Class- River and water flow

As part of our Culture Capital trip, Fairsnape class spent the day visiting Scorton by going to discuss our current ‘Topic’ subject which is ‘Flow’. We also went to the picnic area for our lunch, followed by the trip conclusion of spending a short time at the park/play area. The objective of the day was to introduce the students to features and aspects of rivers and associated characteristics of flowing water and its constituents. Overall, the day was enjoyable and educational.

The students observed how rivers move and flow as they progress from source to mouth. They could also see how both nature and animals utilise the river as part of their natural habitats. After this, we had a great packed lunch prepared by the school chef, before we moved over to the park and play area. We all brought away many enjoyable memories from the day that we could reflect upon in the lessons that followed surrounding water and flow.

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