Calder Class go farming at Greenlands

Calder Class had a fabulous time when they visited Greenlands Farm. This venue was chosen because this term’s topic is about farming.  The pupils had the opportunity to hand feed two hungry young calves.  Many of the children were very entertained by the springing, noisy lambs. 

The guinea pigs were a firm favourite with most of the class. 

We had a yummy picnic lunch in the sunshine.  After lunch, the whole class went for a bounce on the convex trampoline.  A fun time was had by all.  It was especially nice to have the support from Mrs Nicholson and of course Mr Farnworth – the Cultural Capital King.

We spent some time in the reptile house being introduced to Kevin the tortoise (with loose bowels), a gecko called Leo and a rather gorgeous snake.  Quite a few of the class were brave enough to have the snake draped on their shoulder.  

Castles with Oakenclough Class.

Oakenclough Class have been learning all about castles and towers throughout their topic lessons. They have visited Liverpool Castle at Rivington, which is a ruin dating back to 1200s, to enable
them to really understand the concept of the age and strength of these structures. Lancaster castle also remains a firm favourite.

They identified the remnants of key features associated with the period of time the castle was
built, testing their prior-knowledge of how castles evolved from the iron age onwards. Using
their imaginations, they considered what life would have been like for those living in the castle at the time it was built. They finished off their trip with a picnic by the lake, what a fabulous time everyone had!

Social Learning with Nicky Nook Class

Nicky Nook enjoyed a nature walk at Brockholes Nature Reserve where we did some bird watching and spotted lots of wildlife such as herons and swans . As a part of a social learning activity, the children worked together in teams to build a den using different materials. We had some time playing in the park together, after a picnic and enjoyed an ice cream to finish our trip.

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