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Welcome to Calder Lodge School.

Calder Lodge School is an independent specialist primary day school focused on SEMH, ASD and other associated needs including GDD, MLD, SLD. We have experience in supporting children with serious visual impairment and hearing impairment where social, emotional and mental health needs have become the primary focus. The school is based in Oakenclough, a rural backdrop in the hills behind Garstang with the Forest of Bowland. By providing our own transport we can support local authorities across the North West.

  • Our Mission

    Build confidence, self-worth, resilience and aspiration.

  • Values & Ethos

    Providing consistency and safe boundaries in which pupils feel settled.

  • Experienced Staff

    A team of experienced and well-trained teachers and TAs.

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Experienced, caring, well trained staff

We believe Calder Lodge School enables its pupils to improve their academic performance, develop their social skills and raise their aspirations. Our pupils may have a history of negative attitudes towards school, as a result of previous experiences of failure and frustration. Through our positive structure of rewards and incentives, underpinned by a strong sense of boundaries, our pupils gain self-belief, display positive behaviours and have a strong sense of belonging to our school. By rebuilding their self-esteem and forging positive relationships, they replace failure with success.

At Calder Lodge School we provide a high quality learning environment and deliver an exciting and innovative curriculum which meets the needs of all pupils. The curriculum is underpinned by strong social and behavioural support, building self-esteem and giving pupils a platform to experience success. This, in turn, enables pupils to channel their energies into improving academically. The school has a strong ICT infrastructure, which aids learning and enriches curriculum delivery at all times.

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haigh woodland park school trip

by Calder Lodge School


The Wishgranter at Haigh woodland park

On Wednesday April 27th, Calder Class were fortunate enough to visit Haigh Woodland Park in Wigan.  The boys spent their time playing crazy golf, having fun at the amazing play park and exploring the woodland landscape.   The boys were put into teams, each team was supported by an adult.  They were quite inexperienced and needed […]

Lancaster Castle

by Calder Lodge School


Lancaster Castle trip

Since returning to School after Easter the Parlick class have been learning about the key features of castles. How the design and construction of them changed throughout the years and why castles were designed the way they are. We have been learning all about battlements, towers, moats and drawbridges and the function of these elements. […]

Heysham Barrows

by Calder Lodge School


Heysham Barrows trip

On 23rd March Bleasdale Class visited Heysham Barrows to look for older buildings from an early time period.

Greenlands Farm Village

by Calder Lodge School


Animal life cycles

In Fairsnape class we recently visited Greenlands Farm Village near Carnforth. We are learning about where our food comes from and what we need to keep us healthy.

by Calder Lodge School


Winter Barbeque on the Beach.

During Spring Term 2022, Calder Class’s topic was ‘Australia’.  We explored the continent, it’s history, geography, culture, customs and wildlife.  

Williamson Park

by Calder Lodge School


Habitats at Williamson Park

The Parlick’s class thoroughly enjoyed their recent school trip to Williamson Park. After learning about different habitats and microhabitats in science this term and exploring how different types of animals adapt to these environments.

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