Judges’ Lodgings

Oakenclough Class enjoyed a trip to Judges’ Lodgings, in Lancaster.

Judges’ Lodgings dates back nearly 400 years on a site that has been at the centre of Lancaster’s history for nearly 2000 years. The children immersed themselves in history, when they were able to experience what school was like in the Victorian era.

They saw real artifacts such as a cane and dunce’s hat. In addition they experienced using chalk boards and sat at victorian desks, to really contextualise their learning. Furthermore, they were able to see what life was like in Victorian households, they could gain an understanding of how different day to day life was then compared to now . 

The children asked lots of interesting questions to our tour guide, which was wonderful. 

Caton moor wind farms

As part of the Science topic in Calder class which is circuits and
conduction. Calder class took a trip to Caton Moors Windmill Farm on
Tuesday 30th January.

Calder class put on their wellies and enjoyed a walk around the windmill farm discussing how electricity is created by them.

Fantastic farming at Farmer Parrs

This term Parlick’s Topic is Long Ago in class we have been exploring images and videos of homes from the past. Identifying how the homes and lives differ from our own.

For our class trip we travelled to Farmer Parrs to explore their Fylde Country Life Museum. The children were so excited to explore the different set ups; discussing the tools being used to try and decide what each area was for. We got to step back in time and visit an old dress maker, War bunker and even a jail cell!

We had a great time playing the games from the past, exploring the huge machinery and exploring the homes from the past.

After our visit to the museum we ventured to the the Barn where the children loved feeding all the animals. The children showed fantastic listening skills throughout the visit, we were very proud of them all!

Cultural Capital trip to Half Moon Bay

Oakenclough Class enjoyed a Cultural Capital trip to Half Moon Bay, Heysham, to ease them gently into the new term.

The children took this as an opportunity to reconnect with each other, since returning after a school break.

They enjoyed working in teams to collect sea glass and to see if they could identify different sea creatures as invertebrates or exoskeletal.

They were able to hunt under rocks and sand in a quest to find the most things. They followed their beach experience with a play at the park. They had a fabulous time. 

Jump Maniax

Thursday saw our final trip of the week to Jump Maniax. The children, and staff, had a whale of a time on the huge inflatables. Lots of very tired children returned to school after lots of fun.

Visiting our elders in the community this Christmas.

We made links in our local community on Wednesday 13th of December when we visited the residents of Cornmill Nursing Home in Garstang. We worked with the residents to make Christmas tree decorations out of air dry clay. They were very pleased to see us and receive our help on their arts & crafts morning. They were very interested in finding out about our school & what we like to do. It’s safe to say they enjoyed our company.

We were also treated to morning tea,where we ate yummy cakes created by their chef & shared a pot of tea or fruit juice.

We had a fabulous morning and made some new friends.

Christmas craft share.

Every year at Calder Lodge the pupils make each other Christmas crafts as presents. Each class makes a particular craft which is then brought together for the Calder Lodge mini Christmas market. On the last day of school before the Christmas holidays the pupils enjoy choosing their crafts and sharing their achievements with each other.

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