Norman conquest at Beacon fell

We visited Beacon Fell to participate in some longer distance walking and a game of capture the flag. We chose these activities because the Normans had to walk long distances and then then be prepared to battle. The students really enjoyed exploring and walking, where they all shared a laugh and demonstrated enjoyment throughout.

When it was time for capture the flag they were separated into teams and straight away they began to come up with tactics and strategies on how they could overcome the opposing team. They really enjoyed this and kept on asking to play again and again which they were allowed to do but we walked to a different part of the woods. In each new location the students came up with new tactics and strategies. 

Tapestry and Castle visit 

Bleasdale class went on an education visit to look at some examples of Tapestry and for a walk around Kendal Castle. Completing these 2 activities creates a strong link to the class project about 1066. Whilst at the Tapestry the students became familiar with how each image told a story but most importantly they can be used to document history. This prepared the class for their lessons in school as they were going to scratch and look at examples of Tapestry based on 1066.

From here we headed to Kendal Castle. Once here the students were keen and excited to explore the castle grounds. We split up into groups taking it in turns to look around the castle and whilst doing this we asked the students questions about why they thought it was so high up, why was it high up compared to the people walking up to it and wondered whether it had a drawbridge. The students really enjoyed the castle as it gave them further insight with their structures.

Archery and 1066

21.05.24 We went to visit an outdoor education facility called Waddicar to participate in archery. In class we have been looking and learning about some of the weapons used in 1066 and having them join in an activity which is related to 1066 seemed like a great idea. The students all had a go at archery and became familiar with the important rules, which they all kept to safely.

Most importantly they grew in confidence with the technique needed to shoot an arrow. All of the students had many attempts at trying to hit the targets and they all managed to complete this, even if it was the other students’ target!

Epic quest at a rainy Hoghton bottoms

A fun quest was put forward to the pupils to fulfil at a wet Hoghton botttoms this included:

MissionsTick when completed
Walk passed the waterfall and find the magical boats
Make the magical boats
Man the magical boats
Sail the boats over the waterfall
If enough boats make it over the waterfall you will receive a prize at school
If you complete your journal on the day and write it up in school you will receive another gift.

Some boats were more successful than others!

The pupils made the most of the epic rain having great fun splashing about in the growing puddles.

River studies at Scorton picnic site

Fairsnape class enjoyed a successful trip to the Scorton Picnic Site along the river. The students had a fantastic day filled with exploration and learning.

Highlights included a guided nature walk where the children collected a list of pollution that they found on the way.  You will be pleased to know not much pollution was found in the local area of the school.

Learning map skills.

Interactive sessions on local wildlife, and engaging environmental conservation activities.

The children took part in learning about river formation as well as conducting a science experiment about river flow.

The children used maps and a compass to locate their position on a map.

The day concluded with a delightful picnic and fun games, making it a memorable experience for all.

Nicky Nook class head to Cleveleys beach.

In our topic lessons we have been learning all about the Coastlines of the UK and have explored human and physical geography.

On our trip to Cleveleys Beach we observed the coastline and spoke about erosion. Children discussed why there was a wall built – so to protect the town from when the tide comes in and to prevent any further erosion.

They were able to identify human and physical geography well and discussed the difference between the two.

Whilst there, children observed and focused on the sculptures taken from our book focus ‘The Sea Swallows’, which tells the story of Mary, a human looking for the magic golden seashell, which is protected by the Ogre! Children were able to see the shell, the sea swallows and Mary’s father’s guitar.

Unfortunately, the tide was in and it covered the Ogre, showing children how deep the sea can be and re-enforcing our lesson on staying safe at the coastline. Children will use these sculptures and observations to create their own Sea Swallow’s sculpture!

Linked class work:

Mission to outer space!

Oakenclough class enjoyed a trip to Longridge Observatories where they were able to go on a mission to outer space.

The children were able to witness the observatory open up to expose the sky, where they could see the telescope move automatically to point towards specific stars and planets.

The final part of their journey took them to the planetarium where they could observe the night sky and its visible stars

They enjoyed listening to the lecturer from the local university, he was able to answer lots of wonderful questions posed by the children! 

Links to topic:

Adventure swim

On Monday 25th March we visited Ribby Hall to use their swimming facilities. On the way there all the students were in good spirits, as some of them sang songs from the radio and they were all very happy. When we arrived they all demonstrated great behaviour by following all instructions and they all managed to get changed with no problems. They all got to the swimming area and were very keen to get going. The students explored every aspect of the swimming facilities, which included the large pool, small/large slides, jacuzzi and the pirate ship playing area. Every student enjoyed their time and if they had the chance they would have loved to have stayed there longer. I definitely think visiting Ribby Hall for swimming is going to be a popular choice for future events.

Muck, Mess and Mixture

Potters Barn Cafe.

During our last Spring Cultural Capital trip children were able to show their artistic side! At Potters Barn Cafe children were given the opportunity to choose their own dog figure or egg cup to decorate.

They used previous skills, as well as learning new ones, using various techniques and brushes to create their pieces of art! Children chose their own colours to make their unique creations. 

Children listened well to instructions and were respectful at all times. They responded well when told that they would need to wait until next week for their items to be collected, as they needed to go through a special process.

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