On Tuesday October 10th, Calder Class visited Beacon Fell.  The class has been studying variations of plants in science.  We were hoping to spot some fine tree specimens in the woodland.  Mrs Mott suggested that if the pupils were quiet enough they may even spot some woodland wildlife.

Ten minutes into the trek, the pupils spied two members of the armed forces on camouflage manoeuvres.  The pupils were instructed to stand and watch without interrupting the big men with guns.  A few moments later, an army sergeant’s booming voice echoed behind us instructing the soldiers to stand down.   To the children’s amazement, up popped about ten soldiers in full camouflage.  We were totally unaware that they were hiding in the undergrowth.

Mr Meadows guided us to a clearing where the children were shown how to build a structure from branches.  The pupils all separated to different areas.  Some buddied up to work in pairs.  There were lots of cooperation skills and the pupils worked brilliantly together.  Once the pupils had gathered enough branches, Mr Meadows introduced his cutting equipment.  Mr Meadows demonstrated how to use the tools carefully and safely.  Most of the children were keen to develop their sawing and whittling skills (with high levels of supervision).

The children returned to school buzzing with excitement about their experience in the outdoors. Mrs Mott conducted a finger count – no missing digits just lots of grubby hands and dirty knees!