Adventure swim

On Monday 25th March we visited Ribby Hall to use their swimming facilities. On the way there all the students were in good spirits, as some of them sang songs from the radio and they were all very happy. When we arrived they all demonstrated great behaviour by following all instructions and they all managed to get changed with no problems. They all got to the swimming area and were very keen to get going. The students explored every aspect of the swimming facilities, which included the large pool, small/large slides, jacuzzi and the pirate ship playing area. Every student enjoyed their time and if they had the chance they would have loved to have stayed there longer. I definitely think visiting Ribby Hall for swimming is going to be a popular choice for future events.

Muck, Mess and Mixture

Potters Barn Cafe.

During our last Spring Cultural Capital trip children were able to show their artistic side! At Potters Barn Cafe children were given the opportunity to choose their own dog figure or egg cup to decorate.

They used previous skills, as well as learning new ones, using various techniques and brushes to create their pieces of art! Children chose their own colours to make their unique creations. 

Children listened well to instructions and were respectful at all times. They responded well when told that they would need to wait until next week for their items to be collected, as they needed to go through a special process.

Oakenclough Class enjoyed a trip to Leighton Hall

Oakenclough Class enjoyed a trip to Leighton Hall, a family owned house which dates back to before the Victorian period. We were fortunate enough to have a lovely guide, who told us all about the history of Leighton Hall and how it has been in the same family for 800 years.

 The children were shown various artefacts dating back to the Victorian era, they were even allowed to use a snuffer to put out candles.

The children were particularly interested to hear about the unusual meal which was enjoyed in the 19th Century; parrot pie. The children were keen to ask lots of interesting questions. 

Birds of America

As part of our ‘Roadtrip to the USA’ topic in Calder class. We ventured to Turbury woods owl and birds of prey sanctuary in Preston where we saw a variety of owls and other birds such as the Kookaburra and the Eagle.

The children walked around the enclosure learning all about the American eagles and owls.

Signs of spring with Parlick

This term in Science Parlick class are learning all about plants and their different parts. Through this topic we have also been discussing the different seasons and how plants change throughout the year. To further investigate this the children went on a Signs of Spring walk around Kepple Lane Park.

We took bags for collecting leafs and coloured cards to match the environment. The children had great fun collecting all different types of leafs and comparing them in shape and size. They also loved hunting for different colours around the environment.

The children had a fantastic time exploring the park and even got to enjoy some time exploring the park equipment to strengthen their gross motor skills.

They loved using the zip wire and demonstrated great team work skills helping each other get on and off the equipment safely and cheering for each other along the way.

Road to America.

As part of our ‘road trip to the USA’ class topic, Calder class went
on a trip to Billy Bob’s diner and play.

We arrived at Billy Bob’s and the children went to the outdoor play area. After playing we took a seat in the diner and ate burgers, chips and hotdogs in an American themed seating area.  

Whilst exploring and dining we were able to discuss all the culture references such as music, food and all that is Americana!

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