Calder Lodge School provides places for up to 48 pupils aged 5 to 11. The policy of Calder Lodge School is that the same procedure is followed in respect of all pupils referred by Local Authorities for placement.  The school caters for pupils with education health care plans related to social-emotional and mental health difficulties and will consider pupils from 5 to 11 subject to a successful interview process.

Admission Criteria

  • Pupils will be aged between 5 and 11 years.
  • All pupils will have a EHCP.
  • The EHCP will specify that the pupil has SEMH needs or other additional needs.
  • Pupils may have specific or generalised learning difficulties.
  • There might be exceptional circumstances in which a pupil is admitted for a formal assessment by the LA.

Admissions Process

All pupils admitted to Calder Lodge School will have been initially referred by their LA.  If, after reviewing the information provided, the school believes that the pupil meets the admission criteria, arrangements will be made with the LA for the parents / carers and pupil to visit the school.  The interview will include a tour of the school and a meeting at which the school policies and curriculum are discussed.  Visitors will have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.  Parents / carers also have a chance to view the school while it is in session, ask questions and gain as much information as possible.  Similarly they need to feel positive about the prospect of their son or charge attending Calder Lodge School.  The interview will be supported by a visit to the prospective pupil’s home by a member of the Senior Leadership Team where any additional matters can be discussed within the pupil’s home environment if deemed necessary.

If, following these visits, all concerned are agreed that the pupils’ needs can be met at the school and that the pupil and parent / carers are committed to the placement, arrangement will be made for admission.

The interview is a vitally important stage in the admission process.  It is an opportunity to find out more about the prospective pupil’s family placement, background, behaviours in the home setting and home area.  It is important to know if he has committed offences.  It is also an opportunity to get to know the pupil on a personal level.

It is crucial to ascertain the pupil’s response to the school and assess whether it is likely (s)he would “fit in”.  It is important that the pupil feels comfortable and responds positively to the school environment, having been shown around by a pupil / staff member.  A pupil handbook provides information about the school to take away.  Ultimately it is necessary for the interviewee to want to be in school, and to feel positive about a future at Calder Lodge School.  Should the prospective pupil be particularly negative about the school and future attendance, a further visit can be planned or the application withdrawn by mutual agreement.

Should agreement be reached, a place will be offered at the request of the LA.

The school will provide each pupil a pupil handbook, a school uniform and there will be an induction process.

The school will provide to each parent / carer details of Calder Lodge School and a school prospectus. An admissions register is maintained by the school as per DfE regulations.

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by Calder Lodge School


Children in need at Calder Lodge

Led by Bleasdale class, pupils from across the school took turns in cycling for Children in need. Over the course of the day an impressive 35 miles was covered raising £127 at the last count. Some tired legs were joined by big smiles as the sense of achievement took over. Whilst this was occuring back […]

by Calder Lodge School


Signing the book of rememberance.

Calder Lodge School pupils leaving flowers at Dalton square, Lancaster. This was followed by signing of the book of condolence at the Town Hall.

haigh woodland park school trip

by Calder Lodge School


The Wishgranter at Haigh woodland park

On Wednesday April 27th, Calder Class were fortunate enough to visit Haigh Woodland Park in Wigan.  The boys spent their time playing crazy golf, having fun at the amazing play park and exploring the woodland landscape.   The boys were put into teams, each team was supported by an adult.  They were quite inexperienced and needed […]

Lancaster Castle

by Calder Lodge School


Lancaster Castle trip

Since returning to School after Easter the Parlick class have been learning about the key features of castles. How the design and construction of them changed throughout the years and why castles were designed the way they are. We have been learning all about battlements, towers, moats and drawbridges and the function of these elements. […]

Heysham Barrows

by Calder Lodge School


Heysham Barrows trip

On 23rd March Bleasdale Class visited Heysham Barrows to look for older buildings from an early time period.

Greenlands Farm Village

by Calder Lodge School


Animal life cycles

In Fairsnape class we recently visited Greenlands Farm Village near Carnforth. We are learning about where our food comes from and what we need to keep us healthy.

by Calder Lodge School


Winter Barbeque on the Beach.

During Spring Term 2022, Calder Class’s topic was ‘Australia’.  We explored the continent, it’s history, geography, culture, customs and wildlife.  

Williamson Park

by Calder Lodge School


Habitats at Williamson Park

The Parlick’s class thoroughly enjoyed their recent school trip to Williamson Park. After learning about different habitats and microhabitats in science this term and exploring how different types of animals adapt to these environments.

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