Equality & Diversity


Statement of Values and Aims

Calder Lodge School is committed to promoting equality and diversity by recognising and appreciating individual needs and differences within school and by providing an environment that supports equality, excellence and enjoyment for all in order to promote the highest possible standards of achievement.  It also ensures that we recognise and celebrate the differences that exist amongst us, that we treat all people fairly and that we strive to eliminate discrimination wherever it exists.  This is a whole school policy – equality applies to all members of the school community; pupils, staff, parents and community members.

We hope that all children will leave our school with high self-esteem, an understanding of right and wrong and an awareness of their place in the world whilst retaining a sense of individuality.

The aims of the Policy are designed to ensure that the school meets the needs of all taking account of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, disability, ability, sexual orientation, age and social circumstance.  We strive to include and engage all pupils and to prepare them for full participation in a diverse society.  Calder Lodge will take steps to:

  • Promote equality of opportunity and access.
  • Promote racial equality and good race relations.
  • Oppose all forms of prejudice and discrimination.
  • Ensure pupils with a disability have access to the school buildings and to the curriculum.

Calder Lodge is committed to including equality and inclusion at every stage when setting policy, planning change and reviewing procedures and this policy is reflected in the School Improvement Plan and Accessibility policy.  Outlining specific tasks to be undertaken in order to achieve the aims set out in this policy document.

Calder Lodge will challenge discrimination and inequality and expect the same of others.  We will use the strength of our partnerships with others to confront discrimination and promote equality and inclusion. Discrimination will be addressed on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and other criteria, and promote racial and other forms of equality.

These are known as protected characteristics and can be seen below in full.

Leadership and Management

Calder Lodge aims to create a clear ethos which:

  • Reflects our commitment to equality for all members of the school community.
  • Promotes positive approaches to valuing and respecting diversity.

The reviewing and drafting of all policies include current and national guidance on equality and inclusion and all staff contribute to the development and review of policy documents.  The views of parents / carers are also valued.

We will monitor teaching and curriculum developments to ensure high expectation of all pupils and appropriate breadth of content in relation to the school and the wider community.

We will ensure that resources are appropriately targeted and monitored.

The policy and action plans will be available to all.


All who work in the school have a responsibility for promoting equality and inclusion and avoiding unfair discrimination.

The Senior Leadership Team are responsible for ensuring that:

  • The school complies with relevant legislation and meets their legal responsibilities not to discriminate on the grounds of age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender.
  • All the school’s policies and procedures will be applied fairly and appropriately according to the circumstances.
  • All issues of equality in the curriculum are fully implemented.
  • This policy is published and readily available.
  • Its procedures are followed.
  • Staff awareness is raised of what equality and valuing diversity means and that they will promote and be accountable for equality of opportunity.
  • Staff understand their responsibilities and receive appropriate training where necessary.
  • Appropriate action is taken in cases of harassment and discrimination.

All staff are responsible for:

  • Dealing with racist incidents and being able to recognise and tackle bias and stereotyping.
  • Promoting equality and good race relations.
  • Keeping up to date with current issues relevant to this policy.

Responsibility for overseeing equality practices in the school lies with the Headteacher.

Promoting Equality and Diversity


Calder Lodge adheres to recruitment and selection procedures which are fair, equal and in line with statutory duties, and safeguarding practice and guidelines.  The skills of all staff, including non-teaching and part time staff are recognised and valued.  All staff are given status and support and encouraged to share their knowledge.

Every employee will be treated fairly at work and will not receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, disability, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin or any other grounds which cannot be justified.

Staff Handbooks and regular professional development activities are available for all staff members to support their practice in relation to this policy.

Staff provide a wide range of role models and the school strives to reflect the diversity of the local and wider community.

We recognise the importance of equality of opportunity in employment and that diversity within our workforce helps us understand the needs of the community better.


Calder Lodge provides an appropriate curriculum for pupils of all backgrounds and we will monitor and evaluate its effectiveness.

Each area of the curriculum is planned to incorporate the principles of equality and to promote positive attitudes to diversity.  All subjects contribute to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils.

Teaching and Learning

Calder Lodge will ensure that school is an inclusive environment in which pupils feel all contributions are valued.  Positive steps will be taken to include pupils who may otherwise feel marginalised.

Resources and displays in our school reflect the experiences and backgrounds of pupils, promote diversity and challenge stereotypes.


Calder Lodge recognises and values all forms of achievement.  We will monitor pupil performance and staff will use a variety of methods and strategies to assess pupil progress.  We will analyse pupil performance by ethnicity, gender, disability and special needs.  Any disparities which are identified will be addressed through targeted curriculum planning, teaching and support.

Progress reports to parents are clearly written and kept as free from jargon as possible.

School Ethos

Calder Lodge opposes all forms of racism, prejudice and discrimination.  All staff are expected to foster a positive atmosphere of mutual respect and trust among pupils from all ethnic groups and range of abilities.

Behaviour, Discipline and Exclusion

Calder Lodge has procedures for disciplining pupils and managing behaviour that are fair and applied equally to all.  All staff are expected to operate consistent systems of rewards, discipline and sanctions.

It is recognised that cultural backgrounds and disability may affect behaviour.  Our school takes this into account when dealing with incidents of unacceptable behaviour.


Steps are taken to ensure that the school’s admission process is fair and equitable to all pupils.

Comprehensive information about pupils’ ethnicity, first language, religion, physical needs, diet etc is included in our admissions forms.


Families are aware of their rights and responsibilities in relation to pupil attendance and absence is always followed up sensitively.  We expect full time attendance of all pupils.

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Latest News

by Calder Lodge School


Exploring the animal kingdom

Nicky Nook class are exploring the animal kingdom in lessons this half term. What better way to bring learning to life than a school trip to a wildlife park?! And so, on January 12th, we put on our warmest jackets and set off to “Wild Discovery” at Ribby Hall Village. Despite the chilly weather, the children were […]

by Calder Lodge School


Calder Lodge supports local charity with food donation.

Today we had Andy Baker, Director from Lancaster football club visit us at school. Following many generous donations from the school staff and pupils we were able to amass a significant amount of food and homegoods.

by Calder Lodge School


Christmas begins at Calder Lodge!

This morning we went to a local farm, Calderside, which supplies Christmas trees. We selected the best one we could find and took it back to school. During the day we listened to Christmas music whilst we decorated the Christmas tree. The baubles were a little fiddly but we got there in the end. Over […]

by Calder Lodge School


Children in need at Calder Lodge

Led by Bleasdale class, pupils from across the school took turns in cycling for Children in need. Over the course of the day an impressive 35 miles was covered raising £127 at the last count. Some tired legs were joined by big smiles as the sense of achievement took over. Whilst this was occuring back […]

by Calder Lodge School


Signing the book of rememberance.

Calder Lodge School pupils leaving flowers at Dalton square, Lancaster. This was followed by signing of the book of condolence at the Town Hall.

haigh woodland park school trip

by Calder Lodge School


The Wishgranter at Haigh woodland park

On Wednesday April 27th, Calder Class were fortunate enough to visit Haigh Woodland Park in Wigan.  The boys spent their time playing crazy golf, having fun at the amazing play park and exploring the woodland landscape.   The boys were put into teams, each team was supported by an adult.  They were quite inexperienced and needed […]

Lancaster Castle

by Calder Lodge School


Lancaster Castle trip

Since returning to School after Easter the Parlick class have been learning about the key features of castles. How the design and construction of them changed throughout the years and why castles were designed the way they are. We have been learning all about battlements, towers, moats and drawbridges and the function of these elements. […]

Heysham Barrows

by Calder Lodge School


Heysham Barrows trip

On 23rd March Bleasdale Class visited Heysham Barrows to look for older buildings from an early time period.

Greenlands Farm Village

by Calder Lodge School


Animal life cycles

In Fairsnape class we recently visited Greenlands Farm Village near Carnforth. We are learning about where our food comes from and what we need to keep us healthy.

by Calder Lodge School


Winter Barbeque on the Beach.

During Spring Term 2022, Calder Class’s topic was ‘Australia’.  We explored the continent, it’s history, geography, culture, customs and wildlife.  

Williamson Park

by Calder Lodge School


Habitats at Williamson Park

The Parlick’s class thoroughly enjoyed their recent school trip to Williamson Park. After learning about different habitats and microhabitats in science this term and exploring how different types of animals adapt to these environments.

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