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Autumn Term 2022

Inset: 30th August 2022
Inset: 31st August 2022

Starts: Thursday 1st September 2022 

Half term: Monday 24th October 2022 – Friday 4th November 2022

Ends: Friday 16th December 2022  

Spring Term 2023

Inset: Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Starts: Wednesday 4th January 2023 

Half Term: Monday 13th February 2023 – Friday 17th February 2023 

Ends: Friday 31st March 2023  

Summer Term 2023

Inset: Monday 17th April 2023
Starts: Tuesday 18th April 2023  

May day: Monday 1st May 2023  

Coronation day: Monday 8th May 2023

Half Term: Monday 29th May 2023 – Friday 2nd June 2023

Ends: Tuesday 25th July 2023

Inset: Wednesday 26th July 2023

Autumn Term 2023

Inset: Wednesday 30th August 2023
Inset: Thursday 31st August 2023

Starts: Friday 1st September 2023 

Half term: Monday 23rd October 2023 – Friday 3rd November 2023

Ends: Friday 22nd December 2023  

Spring Term 2024

Inset: Friday 5th January

Starts: Monday 8th January 2024 

Half Term: Monday 12th February 2024 – Friday 16th February 2024 

Ends: Thursday 28th March 2024  

Summer Term 2024

Inset: Monday 15th April 2024
Starts: Tuesday 16th April 2024  

May day: Monday 6th May 2024  

Half Term: Monday 27th May 2024 – Friday 31st May 2024

Ends: Monday the 22nd July 2024

Inset: Tuesday 23th July 2024

           Wednesday 24th July 2024

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by Calder Lodge School


Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibition at Manchester Museum with Calder class.

On September 26th 2023, Calder Class, including two pupils from Bleasdale class, visited the Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibition at Manchester Museum. Calder class has been learning about pharaohs this term.  The first hand evidence of mummification and elaborate sarcophagus structures brought their learning to life. The pupils loved using the ICT equipment which provided […]

by Calder Lodge School


Bleasdale class dive into the Sealife centre.

On the 19th September Bleasdale class participated in their first culture capital with a visit to the Sealife centre in Blackpool. This visit is closely connected to the class Topic this term, which is called the Blue Abyss. The students had the challenge of asking questions about the sea creatures’ diets and to keep a […]

by Calder Lodge School


Getting close to nature with Oakenclough class.

Oakenclough class enjoyed a visit to Beacon Fell for their Cultural Capital trip this half term. The children used their observations to collect appropriate materials for creating their own bug habitats over the coming weeks. This will enable the children to make observations and develop their knowledge of how an animal’s habitat is purposeful for their survival to enhance their understanding within our […]

by Calder Lodge School


Back with a blast!

12/09/2023-Morecambe Bay Crabbing Today’s Culture Capital trip involved Calder class visiting Morecambe Crabbing Pool.  This was a new school experience for all of the pupils.  Some of them had been ‘crabbing’ when on holidaying with their families.  One of the class members is a keen angler.  He was eager to put his skills into action. […]

by Calder Lodge School


Sports day 23 July 2023

Whole school sports day. Sack racing, tugawar, sprinting, throwing were all on show.

by Calder Lodge School


Beach Trip to Heysham 20th July 2023.

A beautiful sunny day at Heysham. Parlick class loved the adventure around Heysham head. Big sky. Secret gardens.

by Calder Lodge School


Battlefield laser tag trip 19th July 2023.

The majority of school headed out for a fun filled day at laser tag. Top team work was essential. Awesome day out.

by Calder Lodge School


Legoland trip 17th July 2023

A select group of pupils had a wonderful end of year trip to Legoland, Manchester. Great fun was had by all in the immersive Lego environment.

by Calder Lodge School


Residential trip to Waddecar Activity Centre

A group of year 6 leavers had a very exciting time staying over night at Waddecar activity centre. The afternoon was spent getting stuck in to outdoor activities including stream walking. Team work was absolutely essential during the high tower building exercise using climbing frames and ropes. Having used gross motor skills and and team […]

by Calder Lodge School


Inter school football tournament.

11/07/2023 Calder Lodge School had the pleasure of hosting Keyes Barn school for an inter-school football tournament at Great fun was had by all with some awesome teamwork on show. Three teams competed for the outright victory. The winners were Keyes Barn school. All involved had an excellent day out with sportsmanship at the […]

by Calder Lodge School


Fruit picking at Greenland’s Farm.

On Wednesday 5th July, Calder Class visited Greenbank Farm in Carnforth for our Cultural Capital trip.  This term the class has been engaged in a topic called ‘Sow, Grow and Farm’. Over the term we have grown lettuce, strawberries, herbs, tomatoes and potatoes.  To round the topic off, we visited a local fruit picking farm.  […]

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