Lancaster Castle
Lancaster Castle trip

Since returning to School after Easter the Parlick class have been learning about the key features of castles. How the design and construction of them changed throughout the years and why castles were designed the way they are. We have been learning all about battlements, towers, moats and drawbridges and the function of these elements. We have also been learning about the importance of the local area to the castle and the geography that surrounds it. 

Today the Parlick Class ventured out to explore Lancaster Castle to identify which key features of a castle it had. If we think the castle was designed well? If the knights would have been able to defend it well from an attack?! 

The children used their key features tick sheet to identify the design elements and were able to discuss the importance of these features. They were also able to identify the geographical features, such as it being built on a hill and close to a river and discussed why these elements were important. 

Whilst at the castle we also got to explore the Witch’s cells. The children were very interested to find out more about what happened to the women that were sent here. 

Our trip has sparked real excitement within the Parlick children and they are eager to continue to learn about castles throughout the term. We look forward to constructing our own castles in the near future.