Nicky Nook class head to Cleveleys beach.

In our topic lessons we have been learning all about the Coastlines of the UK and have explored human and physical geography.

On our trip to Cleveleys Beach we observed the coastline and spoke about erosion. Children discussed why there was a wall built – so to protect the town from when the tide comes in and to prevent any further erosion.

They were able to identify human and physical geography well and discussed the difference between the two.

Whilst there, children observed and focused on the sculptures taken from our book focus ‘The Sea Swallows’, which tells the story of Mary, a human looking for the magic golden seashell, which is protected by the Ogre! Children were able to see the shell, the sea swallows and Mary’s father’s guitar.

Unfortunately, the tide was in and it covered the Ogre, showing children how deep the sea can be and re-enforcing our lesson on staying safe at the coastline. Children will use these sculptures and observations to create their own Sea Swallow’s sculpture!

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