Reef and River.

In Bleasdale class as part of their Topic on the Blue Abyss we visited a shop in Morecambe called Reef and River, which sells fresh and saltwater fish. Whilst in the shop the students were encouraged to ask many questions about the fish. All of the students managed this well and they discovered many more facts about the different species of fish.

Example of the questions are:

-Is it easier to take freshwater or saltwater fish? (freshwater)

-Why is a saltwater tank difficult to look after? (you need to get the level of salt correct)

-What does the number mean after the name of the fish? (location from the water they live)

-Why does the fish sign have a yellow border around it? (to inform people research is needed before you purchase this type of fish)

-What do freshwater fish eat? (flake food)

-What does territorial mean? (the fish will patrol areas of the tank and scare other fish)

-What size does this fish grow to? (it will inform you on the label)

-What water do sea monkeys prefer? (saltwater)

From asking all these questions the students decided they would prefer to have a freshwater tank and began to look at the freshwater fish. They all chose what freshwater fish they would like to have and with research they all picked fish which are community fish, meaning these fish should be safe to be together in a fish tank.