Tapestry and Castle visit 

Bleasdale class went on an education visit to look at some examples of Tapestry and for a walk around Kendal Castle. Completing these 2 activities creates a strong link to the class project about 1066. Whilst at the Tapestry the students became familiar with how each image told a story but most importantly they can be used to document history. This prepared the class for their lessons in school as they were going to scratch and look at examples of Tapestry based on 1066.

From here we headed to Kendal Castle. Once here the students were keen and excited to explore the castle grounds. We split up into groups taking it in turns to look around the castle and whilst doing this we asked the students questions about why they thought it was so high up, why was it high up compared to the people walking up to it and wondered whether it had a drawbridge. The students really enjoyed the castle as it gave them further insight with their structures.